How to See New York in Just a Few Days

New York Skyline

If you’re planning a quick visit to New York City, or are just stopping through as part of a larger trip, it’s possible to get a decent taste in only a few days. NYC can keep you busy for months if you let it, so let’s look at some of the critical things to do to get the most of your short stay in the Big Apple.


Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island

Seems pretty obvious, but this is an absolute must. The ferry from Battery Park takes you to the spectacle that is the Statue of Liberty. You will want to get there early to avoid the crowds. You can also take the free Staten Island ferry if you want great photos.


Wall Street

Pop over to see the bull on Wall Street, and enjoy watching the many suits rushing by on their way to buy and sell.


World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial and Museum

This is the best spot for a panoramic view of New York, and to see the site of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. There is also a museum, as well as many dedications and commemorations for the victims. It’s not a happy activity, but the significance of the site is incredibly important and it’s a way to show respect to those who lost their lives that day.


Brooklyn Bridge

Take a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge for some great views of downtown New York. This is especially great to do at night, to see Manhattan all lit up.


Empire State Building

The interior is beautiful, and the view of the city from the top is an absolute must. You’ll want to do this earlier in the day to avoid the huge lines.


Times Square

It’s always packed, but it’s great to sit and experience the atmosphere of this iconic place. You can go shopping, see a show on Broadway, or just sit on the steps and soak in the craziness of New York.


Central Park

With the opposite vibe of Times Square, spend the day in Central Park to relax and get back to nature. It’s free, and it’s so big that you may well get lost. The John Lennon Memorial is also extraordinarily beautiful.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to New York, but if you only have limited time, this will give you a great taste and let you see all the significant sights!  A big thanks for our mates from Ipswich Queensland who sent these tips through!

Travel With Friend – Great Places To See With Your Best Friend

travel with best friendIt is never fun to plan a trip by yourself and while there are so many great advantages to going by yourself, why should you when you can bring your best friend with you>

To help you plan your trip with your BFF, here are some of the best places in the world where you can spend great quality time with your pal:

Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium

Perfect for besties who want to feel like they have been transported to a dreamlike world, as they arrive at Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland has music coming from their great artists. So if you want to go on a wild weekend party, where you and your BFF can have that great fun and adventure while meeting awesome people from around the globe, then come and visit them.

Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Another great for partners in crime who love to go to festivals. The Burning Man only happens once a year and while at the Black Rock City, enjoy the beautiful artwork and ragers at the desert and for sure you will have a great time in Nevada.

Balloon Fiesta in Bristol, UK

Have fun taking pictures in Bristol while the backdrop is huge balloons, you and your BFF would definitely want to ride on one. This great experience will make you post on Instagram more while you are on your vacation because you just want to share the great experience you and your best friend are having while you enjoy the balloon fiesta in Bristol.

These are just a few suggestions that you and your best friend should visit. There are many great places to see, just plan your trip and everything should be a blast.

Tips To Save Money On Transportation When Travelling

travel budget stapyltonIf you are looking to stretch your vacation funds, cutting back on transportation expenses may be the easiest step to save money while travelling. How do you save money on transportation when travelling? If you want to save more, here are some things to consider:


Well, this is the only free transportation you’ll get when you travel. When you walk to and from your destination, you don’t just save money but you will be able to get a free exercise while seeing the surroundings you came for. Walking is not one free transportation, but it allows you to connect with those around you. You will be able to take tons of great photos too.

Bring a bicycle

It is actually difficult to bring your own bike especially if you are travelling via a plane, but it is actually easy to buy a used one and then sell it before you leave. The same concept as walking, you will be able to get a free exercise, and you will be able to take into town and out to the remote beaches. Then, after you leave the country sell the bike for the exact price and it will look like that you got the services of the bike for free.


When our parents were younger travelling for free means hitchhiking, these days, if you want to ride a car with someone you don’t know, better find a carpooling service where you just pay a small amount of money so that you can ride on their car. There are a lot of reputable drivers that you can find on the internet that offers such a service and you can do enough research regarding this before you arrive at your destination.